Dayoo's U.S. Invention Patent

Dayoo's U.S. invention patent application

Dayoo's U.S. invention patent application has been accepted!

With the improvement of people's living standards and the progress of science and technology, more household appliances with different functions appear and are widely recognized by consumers. Household cleaning equipment is one of the most popular electrical appliances at present.
Traditional cleaning equipment usually uses water and detergent as cleaning media. However, detergent with a good decontamination effect makes almost no difference in the face of the following situation.
Cooking a dish often produces much lampblack. Although some of the lampblack may be sucked away by a kitchen ventilator, the rest is often attached to the floor and wall surface of a kitchen, a surface of a cooking bench, or other places. Over time, more oil stains are accumulated and gradually become sticky and solidified, and eventually cannot be effectively removed by using traditional cleaning equipment.
In view of the above, steam cleaning equipment emerged, which uses high-temperature steam to remove this kind of oil stains and other contaminants on the surface, thereby greatly improving the cleaning effect. 


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