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All-in-One Cordless Whole House Steam Cleaner

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10s Fast Heating, no waiting Food-grade, from kitchens to pet product

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Easy Steamer

Tran Steamer

From kitchen cleaning and pet product to versatile house solutions,
Dayoo TranSteamer is perfect for your need.

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Tran Steamer

Why Choose Steam Cleaner

Outstanding cleaning steam

Steam cleaner can penetrate deep into the pores of surfaces, such as carpets, upholstery, and grout, to dissolve dirt, grease, and stains. Steam cleaning can even remove tough stains, such as oil, ink, and pet stains, without damaging the surface or leaving any residue.

An excellent method of sanitizing

The high-temperature steam can kill up to 99.9% ofbacteria, viruses, and other germs on surfaces. This makes steam cleaning ideal for cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where germs can thrive.

Environmentally friendly

It is a natural and chemical-free cleaning method. Traditional cleaning methods use harsh chemicals and detergents that can be harmful to the environment and human health. On the other hand, steam cleaning only requires water and heat, making it an eco-friendly cleaning option. It is safe for children, pets, and people with allergies or sensitivities to chemical cleaners.

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